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Sensei is honored to have learned from Hanshi Shuguro Nakazato of Okinawa Japan. He is a member in good standing in the Shorin-ryu Shorin-kan association with direct lineage to the orient. Sensei is a personal student of Grand Master Rene Latosa, Kyoshi Sam Ahtye and Kyoshi Troy Price and continues to train and take personal interest in the training and growth of each and every student at the International Budo Academy. Sensei Curley has had extensive competitive careers in Karate,  Kobudo (Weaponry), Boxing & Grappling and tailors his teaching to the individual student helping them to reach their potential.

Sensei Stephen established the International Budo Academy in 1993 with a focus on student development. He has combined the ancient principles of Traditional Okinawan Karate with a modern approach to training methods. Over the last two decades, students of all ages have benefited from this formula as evidenced by their success and accomplishments not only in Martial Arts, but in their personal lives.


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