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This is at the Hombu Dojo in Okinawa Japan.  To Hanshi Shugoro Nakazato's left is Shihan Stephen Curley, and to his right, Kyoshi Sam Ahtye.  This is part of our yearly trips to the birthplace of Karate to train and enjoy the culture.  Also pictured: many high ranking Okinawa Shorinkan Hanshi and Kyoshi; and also from California: Bates, Uchida, Tuveson, Oryall, and Robles.


One of our epic seminars with GM Rene Latosa. Shihan Curley has been studying with Mr. Latosa for over 25 years and the Latosa Escrima conceptual methods of generating: Power, Speed, Timing, Forwardness, and Intensity to name a few, seamlessly blend into any style. Our self defense approach especially has Latosa Escrima written all over it. We are lucky as Mr. Latosa is local and takes a personal interest in our academy and our martial arts growth.  

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